This Beautiful Ugly - Still here. Now what?

Teen Grief

June 07, 2022 Season 1 Episode 8
This Beautiful Ugly - Still here. Now what?
Teen Grief
Show Notes

David Kessler said that teenagers grieve in a very teenage way. This can often look like everything is just fine but don’t be fooled, teenagers are grieving even though it may not be apparent. As a parent or caregiver do you struggle knowing what to say or do for your grieving teenager? As a grieving teen do you just want to be left alone by the adults in your life and fade into the background? Join us in this valuable discussion full of helpful tools for teens that are grieving as well as for the adults trying to help those teens. 

Today’s guest is Diana S. Rice. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (MH18034). With over 25 + years caring for high risk, under-served individuals, her vast experience along with her education allows her to help clients GROW through what they GO through! Diana's  served as a Crisis Intervention Counselor in alternative high schools & has extensive experience helping teens through grief and trauma. Find out more about Diana at 

In this episode:

  • The difference between grieving and mourning 
  • How/why teens grieve differently
  • The best things to avoid when dealing with teen grief
  • Alternatives for help & support for the grieving teen
  • And so much more!

Quote of the Day: “I have to understand that my client is with themselves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Who knows them better? Themselves. And I think when I empower my client, especially a young teenager, when I say that to them, they feel respected and heard and validated. And those are the three things that teenagers need the most."

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