This Beautiful Ugly - Still here. Now what?

Miracles in Being Present - PT 2

May 09, 2022 Sharon Stephenson and Dr. Deb Harrell Season 1 Episode 6
This Beautiful Ugly - Still here. Now what?
Miracles in Being Present - PT 2
Show Notes

Grief has layers that can often be unpeeled at the most unexpected moments.  We take a deeper dive into The Ministry of Presence and see how the beauty of presence is revealed through grief's ugliness.
Join us with co-host  Deb Harrell, a Naturopathic Doctor and author of HEAL: Your Path to Thriving.  Deb uses a holistic approach to wellness including whole-food plant-based nutrition, stress management, lifestyle counseling, and more.  Deb was visited by grief at the young age of 11 when her older brother Bobby died in a car accident. Deb felt unseen as she watched the emotional devastation of her parents and family.  She has learned to come alongside others who are grieving. 

In this episode we'll discuss:

  • Practical ways to be fully present with yourself & others in grief
  • How the body keeps score of unresolved hurts 
  • Practical ways to care for our whole body through grieving
  • How you can find freedom through faith
  • And much more! 

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Shar Stephenson   Dr. Deb Harrell
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Quote of the Day: “Provide the ministry of presence because it will expand your heart, and your ability to empathize with people in such a way, like nothing else will. You will witness over time a miracle take place, and you are part of that miracle.” Deb


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