This Beautiful Ugly - Still here. Now what?

The Ministry of Presence - Pt. 1 Tapping into Ancient Wisdom

April 18, 2022 Sharon Stephenson and Dr. Deb Harrell Season 1 Episode 5
This Beautiful Ugly - Still here. Now what?
The Ministry of Presence - Pt. 1 Tapping into Ancient Wisdom
Show Notes

Do you know someone who avoids you because they are uncomfortable not knowing what to say because you are grieving?  Have you ever had a well-meaning person say something stupid to you that made you angry?  American culture is largely unprepared to be present with people in their grief and pain. This conversation will help you learn to be fully present with others and encourage them without saying a word, with practical tips and tools that can be a win-win for both you and the other person. Learn how to truly carry one another's burdens by tapping into ancient wisdom! 

Today’s guest is Father Dean Schultz. The Rev. Dean F. Schultz is an Anglican priest who has helped make the history and biblical dynamics of ancient Judeo-Christian worship "come alive" for Christians from many nations and worship traditions.  He is the founder of Worship Equippers for Christ, a missions ministry that networks with Christian educators, sacred artists, artisans, and mission specialists to help equip the body of Christ for worship renewal. Fr. Dean and his wife have been married for 49 years, have three adult children (two married), and four grandchildren.   

In this episode we'll discuss:

  • What the ministry of presence is and its role in encouraging others
  • Biblical examples of the ministry of presence
  • Practical ways to be fully present with people grieving
  • How women and men tend to grieve differently
  • Why waiting on the process of grief is so important
  • The role beauty plays in the ministry of presence
  • And so much more!

For more information on Fr. Dean Schultz: Facebook:  

Quote of the Day: “We live in a culture with social media and all this type of thing that it is like, ‘your best life now’ every day. It’s the most glorious food. The best vacations, these events where everyone is happy. Everything is polished. Everything is good. What we do, especially in the western culture, in our materialistic, relatively affluent (especially to other cultures in the world) culture, is we practice avoidance behaviors. These avoidance behaviors are especially characterized by looking away because we don’t know how to deal with the pain people are in. We need to learn how to help others who are going through grief and pain.”


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