This Beautiful Ugly - Still here. Now what?

When Memories Live Inside "Things"

March 22, 2022 Sharon Stephenson and Dr. Deb Harrell Season 1 Episode 3
This Beautiful Ugly - Still here. Now what?
When Memories Live Inside "Things"
Show Notes

Today’s conversation is with Shar Stephenson, who lost her husband in December, 2020. She is the mom of 3 grown sons. Shar co-facilitates a grief support group in her community, is the co-founder of Blooming Bean Coffee Roasters and the non-profit Bud & Bloom, which supports local organizations helping underserved communities.

In this episode we'll discuss:

  • How memories live inside things.
  • How to ask yourself questions to help know how and when to release belongings.
  • A healthy perspective on “getting rid” of things.
  • How to effectively communicate with family about belongings.
  • Why it is normal to feel sad, angry or guilty over things. 


Mentions: 5 Tips for Dealing With a Deceased’s Belongings 

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