This Beautiful Ugly - Still here. Now what?

Still Here, Now What?

March 08, 2022 Sharon Stephenson and Dr. Deb Harrell Season 1 Episode 1
This Beautiful Ugly - Still here. Now what?
Still Here, Now What?
Show Notes

In this episode, we will introduce you to the hosts of the podcast as they have an in depth conversation of why they felt the need and importance to create This Beautiful Ugly. We discuss how this podcast will support listeners who have experienced loss and know grief. 
We're glad you're here.

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“When someone dies, the relationship doesn't die with them.” David Kessler

Mentioned Reads: 

Grieving the Death of a Mother by Harold Ivan Smith. Author also has other books on grief. 

 Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief byDavid Kessler You can also find more of his work at 

HEAL: Your Path to Thriving by Deb Harrell, ND 

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